Work with some of the best people in the industry

Our vision

Combining the low cost, local structure of small stores with the power of technology, to increase their efficiency and grow their income

Our values


Customer driven

We put our customers at heart of every decision


Dare to be different

We celebrate different perspectives and diversity of thoughts

Stay Humble

Stay Humble

Humility is a part of our customer empathy


Build Together

Hierarchy is so old school. We are collectively building the Ula path

Why join Ula? Because we are…


We believe a happy and fun work environment delivers best results


We care about our people and our customers – for us, this is more than just a job


We want to help small retailers dream big – our mission drives us to do better


We have over 300 employees, across 3 countries, spanning 10 nationalities

Business areas at Ula

CEO Office

If our vision excites you, we would love to hear from you!

Work with some of the best people in the industry and help us make an impact on Indonesian small retailers!

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“I joined Ula because of its mission to help warungs grow by introducing digital technology to their business processes, i.e. placing orders and delivery. Working at Ula is wonderful thanks to our company culture that respects all employees. Each employee has the same right to give ideas, voice and suggestions, and also, the everyone respects each other’s diversity”
Customer Experience
“Joining Ula fresh out of college has been a transformative experience. The exposure of working on challenging problems, the many responsibilities entrusted to me and the opportunity to work with a global and diverse team of talent is very exciting!”
Key Initiatives
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“I joined Ula because of its mission. I love that everyone in the company really shares the same values and commitment as I do. I also love the teamwork and how the leaders lead us to be both better people and professionals”
Product Lead
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“With the progressive growth of Ula, every day poses new challenges to scale and grow the business. I'm super excited that I work with amazing people and I get to make a huge impact in our customer’s lives”
DevOps Engineer
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“When I joined the Ula family very early on, I trusted its potential and its founders. Seeing our growth, and knowing all the people who are behind it and are putting all their energy and time, I believe we can grow bigger, faster and sustainably”
Head of HR
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“The customer obsession and focus on innovation is so exciting, I really enjoy work. Everyone is super friendly and want you to succeed. Leaders push their teams to deliver high-quality results. Ula is a place where we learn, code, brainstorm, influence, inspire…"
Principal Engineer
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“Having a job that gives me flexibility and time is what I’ve dreamed about and Ula gives it to me. Working here gives me a lot of new experience and insights. Ula has a nice working environment that makes me enjoy my work”
Demand Planning Executive
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“Working at Ula it's not just about you. Here we're working as a family, we're so close to each other across divisions. More importantly, things I work on have a direct impact on small retailers, helping them to improve their business”
Sales Acquisition Manager
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“I'm really glad to be part of Ula. I enjoy the work we do and the impact we are creating. The team is fun to work with and very supportive, friendly and full of enthusiasm. At Ula, we grow together in every direction”
Software Development Engineer
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“Working at Ula is a fantastic adventure. I get to work with a friendly, passionate team, on a wide range of topics that will significantly impact the lives of our customers. I feel incredibly proud to be part of such a growing, impactful business”
Head of Key Initiatives
"I joined Ula because I wanted to marry my love for retail with the power of doing good. Months on, Ula has given me that purpose but along with the privilege of dreaming big, executing at scale, and learning and growing with honesty and passion with like minded, passionate and fun teammates - all while keeping the warung owners at the end of the journey in laser focus"
Commercial Strategy