Privacy Policy

This page displays the Privacy Policy ("Policy"), where matters of privacy and personal data will be stipulated. If you do not agree or have reservations on matters set out in this Policy, ULA requests you to immediately stop using ULA service.
As a user of ULA services, you are required to participate and be subject to this Policy.
ULA understands the importance of privacy and personal data and we are fully committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. ULA urge you not to provide personal data or any data to ULA before you read, understand, and agree to this Policy as a whole.
Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to users of ULA service. This Policy explains ULA handling of personal and other data and how ULA is committed to protecting your privacy. You understand that ULA may provide additional information that is specific to a product or service as a supplement to this Policy in order to always be able to give you information about other data collection purposes.

Collection and utilization of your data

If you submit a request to create an account or to buy products from ULA or use ULA services, ULA may ask you to provide information, such as your name, your shop name, your identity cards number, email addresses, shipping addresses, phone numbers, and other required information, with the intention to implement the purchase of your products, provide services to you, create alterations to your request, provide technical support or authorized updates, and more. On the conditions stated above, you hereby agree to provide Your Data and/or other data to ULA for further use in accordance with this Policy.

Promotion or survey

You agree that ULA may ask you to provide relevant information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, to be able to contact you, send information about products and services that might interest you, or invite you to promotions or surveys conducted by ULA. You may ask ULA to not use Your Data for promotional or survey purposes by contacting ULA Customer Care Team.


ULA may collect certain information for analysis, including the device name, device version, the identification number of devices, information approximate geographical location, ID service provider's network, and the way you use the site.
ULA collects and processes this information to give you a more personalized user experience and to customize the content, improve products, analyze the efficiency of business operations, analyze market share, enhance the security of ULA network and services, and enable the service to you.


If you experience any issues with your account, you can choose to send information to ULA, and ULA can assist you. You agree that we may collect relevant information on the matter.

Data storage

Some of the services that ULA provides allow you to store data. ULA may collect and store the data you upload or download and data required to implement the uploads and downloads.


When you access the service or search for information based on a specific location, ULA may collect, use, and process information on the specific or approximate location of your device. This allows ULA to provide a better service to you. Information gathered may include the device identification number, type, model, and real-time location information. ULA collect anonymous location information to provide and improve location-based products and services mentioned.

Collection and use of other information

ULA may collect aggregate statistical information, such as the number of ULA apps users. ULA collects this information in order to understand how people use the ULA app, products, or services. In this way, ULA can improve and streamline ULA services to better meet the needs of customers. ULA may, in its own sole discretion, collect, use, transfer, or disclose non-personal information for any other purpose.

Disclosure of Your Data

ULA will never sell Your Data to third parties without your knowledge. However, ULA may disclose Your Data to:
  1. ULA’s affiliates or third parties that officially cooperate with ULA. ULA may need to provide certain services to you through some of the parties that cooperate with ULA. Therefore, ULA may share some of your personal information with the parties that cooperate with ULA in order to enrich ULA services and improve the overall experience of your usage. For example, when you decide to buy a product on ULA app, ULA will need to send information of Your Data to those parties who work with ULA to allow them to send the product to you or to allow them to provide other services to you. ULA forbid all our affiliates or authorized third parties to use the personal information shared for other purposes.
  2. Government Agency under the provisions of the law ULA may disclose Your Data when required by law, legal action, litigation or government authority, and public authority. Your Data information may also be disclosed to the parties to a transaction in a state in which we are involved in the reorganization, merger, or bankruptcy liquidation.
  3. Another company, with your permission. ULA may share your data with any other company if you have explicitly approved such disclosure.

Changes to Your Data

You will be responsible for the accuracy of the information you submit in Your Data. ULA strives to maintain the accuracy of Your Data information, and ULA will remove or modify such information at your request. You can contact ULA through Customer Care Team. In accordance with ULA terms and conditions, you can manage Your Data at any time, such as your personal account registration information.

Your Data Protection

ULA undertake prevention efforts, including but not limited to, technical and physical measures, and regulations to protect the information of Your Data from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, alteration, destruction, or loss. Although ULA makes such measures to protect Your Data, ULA does not claim or warrant that the security measures that We take is a security effort that is 100% perfect or cannot be hacked.

Privacy Updates

Any changes that ULA makes in this Policy will be displayed in the form of a notice on ULA app, you hereby agree that you are obliged to see, read, and study the notice. For your convenience, ULA recommends you to visit this page and read this Policy periodically.

Contact ULA

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact ULA Customer Care.