Terms and conditions

On placing an order, Customer acknowledged that:

  1. Customer understands all product information (including but not limited to description, color, packaging, and others) before committing to placing an order.
  2. Ula has made all the necessary efforts to curate all of the photos and descriptions of the products to ensure accurate depiction of the product, but this does not guarantee that the color shown on the Ula app is fully accurate.
  3. Customer agrees that the color of the product shown on the Ula app is affected by the screen of the customer’s device.
  4. The price of the product sold by Ula is the price that is shown on the Ula App. The price can change without any notice or statement
  5. The price that is printed on the invoices is the price shown on the App when the user places an order (If there are any difference in price, customer can contact our Customer Care Team)
  6. Ula has made the necessary effort to maintain stock availability as presented in the App, but can not guarantee to always fulfill customer’s ordered quantity due to stock fulfillment speed, availability of quality stock, etc.


Placed Orders

  1. Customer is able to track their order until the order is delivered
  2. Customer must provide an active phone number that can be contacted to confirm details regarding the delivery of an order


Delivery Process

  1. The delivery process is different for each category and region
    • Fast Moving Consumer Goods:
      • If the order is placed before 3PM, delivery will be done on D+1, for orders that are placed after 3PM, the delivery will be done on D+2.
      • For some other region, the first delivery batch will be done on D+2
    • Fresh Produces: if the order is placed between 6AM-12PM, delivery will be done D+1 and for orders that are placed after 12PM, the delivery will be done on D+2.
    • Apparel: Shipping will be done D+2 after an order is placed, the estimated delivery is about 5 working days after shipping.
  2. Ula does not collect any extra fee other than what is shown on the app.



  1. Customer shall pay the order by using the eligible Payment Method provided by Ula.
  2. For COD Payment, Customer shall fulfill the payment by the time the order is received. If the customer does not fulfill the payment, then our courier will not give you the items.


Customer Complaints

  1. Customer has the right to fill a complaint/claim related to Ula services that will be actively responded by Ula Customer Care Team team between 09:00 WIB – 18:00 WIB every day from Monday to Friday
  2. Customer understand and agree that Ula does not guarantee active response outside of the specified working hours
  3. If there are any issues in the delivery process such as missing items, damaged items, items different than ordered, and other reasons. Customer can file a complaint to Ula customer care team maximum 1×24 hours after items are received
  4. If the customer does not file a complaint by the specified time, then the customer is considered to have received the order and do not have any complaint about the items that have been received
  5. The investigation process will be done by Ula team within 2×24 hours starting from the time of the first response by Ula team and could result in an exchange of the damaged items or claim rejection by Ula based on the investigation result.
  6. Ula will exchange the item in the complaint within 3×24 starting from the time the claim has been responded by Ula team.
  7. Customer agreed to provide supporting documents for any complaint.


Return process
The return process is different for each category:

  1. Fast Moving Consumer Goods: You can contact our Customer Care Team to arrange any return process within 1×24 since the item has been received.
  2. Fresh Produce: Fresh produce cannot be returned, please review the items upon receiving
  3. Apparel: You can contact our Customer Care Team to arrange any return process within 2×24 since the item has been received.